Our Story

By Debbie Esposito

We developed Benjamin’s Bites Cookies first out of necessity. At fourteen months, Tony and I discovered that our son, Benjamin, had multiple food allergies. It was heartbreaking and frightening to see our son’s body react with real physical symptoms.

After eliminating everything that Benjamin’s body was reacting to, the next step was to eat as many whole foods as possible. I have always been a “label reader” but became increasingly concerned when I picked up product after product and realized, “No, he can’t have this.” It was challenging, but after searching we found a variety of foods which were safe for our Benjamin. The one thing we were unable to find was a cookie which tasted both homemade and was also appealing to those without food intolerances. My family had some tough critics when it came to sweets. They were the perfect test subjects!

Like my Grandma and Mom, I loved to bake. I decided to challenge myself by creating a cookie that contained no gluten, eggs, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, or sulphites. I tried the flour blends found in the stores, but they just didn’t seem to have the taste I was searching for. Why not mill my own, I figured? I purchased a home grain mill and, after many combinations of grains, came up with our own Benjamin’s Bites Flour Blend.

I began to bake cookies and bake cookies and bake cookies!  After almost two years of test baking (and some real hockey pucks), I had a cookie that was free of gluten, eggs, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, and sulphites. The best thing? It tasted really good.

Our mission has never changed: to create a gluten free/allergy friendly cookie that tasted homemade and used familiar and pronounceable ingredients.

We encourage everyone to taste our Benjamin’s Bites Cookies (always check the ingredients before sharing.) They were developed for people who can’t eat a regular cookie due to allergies or gluten sensitivities, but the upshot is that people without food intolerances are enjoying them too!