Our Ingredients and Suppliers

gluten-free ingredients

Any recipe begins with ingredients. Sounds simple enough. But when you’re baking for people with food sensitivities and life-threatening allergies, it’s quite a different story.

At Benjamin’s Bites our priority is safety. We only order from suppliers who provide detailed allergen statements. We carefully review all statements and certificates of analysis. Only when we are confident with a company’s manufacturing practices do we make a decision to place an order.

All of Benjamin’s Bites products are made with ingredients that do not contain any GMO’s.

Take a look in our pantry. We use organic cane sugar, unsulphured molasses, gluten-free flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, pure vanilla extract, xanthan gum, organic chocolate chips, sunbutter ®, palm shortening (certified sustainable) flax, chia, pure cocoa powder and canola oil (certified non-GMO)

Certifications and Links

Benjamin’s Bites has been certified by the following organizations:

gluten-free cookie ingredients Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO)

This means we provide documentation to the GFCO detailing our ingredients used as well as our production procedures. Our facility is visited annually for an audit of all products we manufacture at Benjamin’s Bites. As members of the GFCO, we test finished products on a regular basis. All products are required to meet a measurement of ≤10ppm. Simply put, we must measure the amount of detectable gluten. This is a crucial step in Gluten Free claims. Please visit www.gfco.com for more details.

allergy friendly cookie ingredientsKosher Check

Benjamin’s Bites has been certified by Kosher Check.  The process includes a thorough review of all equipment, ingredients and baking procedures. On-site visits by a Rabbi happen throughout the year to ensure a continuum of Kosher ingredients as well as the introduction of new products. For more information, please visit www.bckosher.org

Vegan Cookies and Brownies


All of Benjamin’s Bites products are certified vegan. We do not use any animal or animal by-products in any of our treats. Benjamin’s Bites are certified with VegeCert Please visit vegecert.com/ for more details.

We also keep in touch with our local Celiac chapter. Review a variety of new gluten-free products and places to enjoy gluten-free eating. Please visit theceliacscene.com

We’re learning too! If you are newly diagnosed, moving to gluten-free foods or just interested in what gluten-free is all about, please visit www.celiac.ca

We found the Canadian Food Inspection Association (Health Canada) to be very informative for allergy information as well as what is required as a food manufacturer. They can be found at www.inspection.gc.ca